Logo for NNM (Nemo Nisi Mors) Åreskutan seen from Östersund, August 2008 (Photo: Anders Gustafson) Logo for NNM (Nemo Nisi Mors)
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Below is a list of some of my programming projects. You can see example screenshots for many of them at the project overview page.

If you are a programmer you really should read about what I have compiled about time zones.

Projects at GitHub

I have also created an easy-to-use Table of Contents, that can be used in existing HTML pages.

If you need charts in your HTML, take a look at the charts project and some examples of what you can do.

Parsing and elaborating with orienteering split times data exported from WinSplits Online.

The charts and orienteering projects are used in the NNM Orienteering Analyzer.

The unit circle project, that is used in the NNM Unit circle.

The clock angle project, that is used in the NNM Clock angle.

My account at GitHub is epursimuove.

Wisdom of today

!false - It's funny because it's true.

Logo for NNM
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