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They may look like just random numbers, but at the same time there seems to be something hidden in the shadows.

Epoch values colliding

While developing the Timestamp Magician tool, I encountered something. People are talking about when the epoch time will "hit the wall" in 2038. But perhaps something strange will happen four years earlier, June 16, 2034?

The epoch time, 2034061609064 (milliseconds), will correspond to the ISO 8601 timestamp, 2034-06-16T09:06:49.064Z. If you compare all the digits in those two representations, you will see something (which can not be unseen after this). 😱

The last four digits in the epoch, 9064, are also repeated twice in the end of the timestamp, perhaps indicating a devastating infinite loop?!?

What will happen then on that date?

Perhaps the time, as we know it, will hit some strange resonance phenomenon? Or perhaps the time system will just implode in a black hole? Or perhaps the two time formats will cancel each other and start all over? 🤔😜

So prepare yourself for a day to remember in the year 2034.

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