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Anders Gustafson
Anders Gustafson
Computer Science at Uppsala University
Humble problem solver (currently working as system developer)
Ingmarie Nilsson, Elvira the cat
Time zone
Living my life in Zulu. I truly advocate and encourage the abolishing of time zones.
Sockenvägen 612
128 47 Bagarmossen
Date of birth
August 10, 1969
Also known as
Charlie, Karl, Älgen, Guran, Dolph, Angus, Silverback, Hypotenuse
Path of life
Göteborg, Njurunda, Sollentuna, Upplands Väsby, Uppsala, Falun, Bagarmossen

About me

I have always been interested in mathematics, algorithms, human-readable and beautiful code and these are some things I truly want to work with in the future. I have a passion for great user experiences and I want to build user interfaces that are easy to understand, even if they will solve complex tasks.

Read more about my guiding principles.

I have a background in programming in Java. During the most recent years I have worked more with JavaScript, TypeScript and Vue 3, which I really enjoy and want to continue working with.

I want to build better systems when it comes to how we are handling "time". I have deep knowledge and experience about time zone challenges and complexities.

About this subdomain

The site www.NemoNisiMors.com has been my home on the net since the beginning of this millennium. In 2009 I created this subdomain, anders.nemonisimors.com, which is my personal playground on the NNM site.

This subdomain is a spare time project designed, developed and maintained by Anders Gustafson. All texts are words by Anders Gustafson and all photographs are taken by Anders Gustafson, if nothing else is explicitly stated.

Disclaimer: I am trying hard to avoid errors, but of course there are some. All content is delivered as is, with no guarantees whatsoever. Most of the content will work in any environment, but some functionality may need recent browsers and operating systems. I am educated in the concept of "write once, run everywhere" and not educated in "write once, fix it everywhere". So if you are having problems, please try a decent browser.

If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, errata, etcetera, do not hesitate to send an email to:

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